Our Role: Giving 5% Back

Inspired by amazing socially conscious third parties like B CorporationRainforest Alliance, and 1% for the Planet, we decided to donate 5% of our annual profits to an eco-social project that benefits the people and the planet.

Our 5% for the People program is a way for us to implement fair share. It is important for us to give back to communities and regenerative projects. When we are blessed with abundance, it enables us to share with others. This practice of sharing and supporting each other invites greater connectedness: community to community; human to human.

Your Role: Vote With Your Dollar

You are an empowered individual, and you play a vital role in building a greater world. There are many actions you can take to make a difference; not only as an educated citizen, but even as a consumer.

“We have to vote with our votes as well as our food dollars,” says Mr Pollan.

You can effect change and encourage positive industry trends by “voting with your dollar.”  Use your purchasing power to support the companies you want to thrive in the marketplace, companies that align with your values. For example, a purchase of organic goods is considered a vote in favor of organic farming and a vote against industrial, chemical agriculture.

The Future: Shared Responsibility

We invite you to define your values and decide on the future you want to see.

By supporting Imlak’esh Organics, not only are you supporting the organic industry, but you are also supporting family farms and women’s’ collectives, sustainable cultivation practices, ethical trading practices, indigenous communities, regenerative rainforest projects, artisan craft, local livelihoods, and a young eco-conscious business striving to make a difference.