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Celebrating Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is the Time of Reflection

Happy Winter Solstice to all you wonderful souls! This special day is marked by the shortest day and longest night of the year, which ushers in the Winter Season – a time for reflection. As we celebrate the night, we also turn inwards to examine our personal journeys. The calm and cold of wintertime encourages us to tend our inner flame and prepare ourselves for a refreshing new beginning. Take this time to appreciate the progression of your personal story and set your intentions for the upcoming new year.

Winter Solstice is an exhilarating and important time! Follow Mama Gaia’s cues: like the leaves of a tree, shed all that no longer serves you — from bad habits to ex-lovers to negative thoughts. This is the perfect time to let go of old stories you tell yourself that keep you from growing. Free yourself from any barriers that keep you from the happiness you deserve. Instead, focus on your intentions. Gather strength from within as you prepare for new growth in the upcoming year!

"Winter Solstice is not only a time I set intentions for myself, but with my partner, family, and friends so that we can all grow together in the New Year."
Philip Matthew, Founder

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself. For us, at Imlak’esh, Winter Solstice also brings a rush of excitement. It means crisp, cold air to breathe in; cozy cuddles by the fireplace; and hot cacao concoctions to warm our toes.


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