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Superfood Tinkerbell Hannah Mendoza

Fare Thee Well to Our Superfood Tinkerbell

The Spring Equinox is upon us — a time of change and growth. Imlak’esh is seeing a lot of change, and one major change is saying fare thee well to Hannah Mendoza, our regional sales manager, (a.k.a. Superfood Tinkerbell). She has been with the company since its birth, jumping on board with the Imlak’esh vision of creating a globally regenerative food culture that supports community, biodiversity, cultural rights, and sustainable practices. She played a huge role in planting the superfood seed and tending it to fruition.

Hannah’s super sweet & playful spirit helped shape Imlak’esh company culture into the uniquely funky and loving place that it is today. While we’re sad she won’t be at the warehouse to greet us with a hug everyday, we’re stoked for her to take on new adventures, inspire other people all over the world, and continue to grow into the amazingly fierce & incredibly compassionate woman that she is.

This summer, she will be an Outdoor Adventure Trip Leader in Peru where she will be leading a group of teens with an epic organization called Rustic Pathways — they send kids from the USA on adventures across the globe to do service work, hike and explore wild places.

This new path will be tying together so many life-threads for me; an infatuation with all things South American, years spent in Spanish class, a commitment to adventure, and a love for working with kids!

I’ll be headed to Cusco in June, and will be romping ’round the Andes for 2 months until Burning Man. So grateful for this new chapter and everyone who has supported me to get there!

-- Hannah Mendoza

Only time will tell what paths will open to her and what pursuits will call to her. The only thing we know for certain is that she will be a positive impact wherever she goes. We are so grateful to call her family. Buenas Suerte!

Hannah continued on to bring the world amazing superfood lattes: Clevr BlendsAs the mastermind behind the delicious formulas, we know you will love adding this latte ritual to your day!


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