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What is Macambo?


From the depths of the Amazon Rainforest,
Macambo is the newest superfood discovery ready to rock the health food world!

What is Macambo?Macambo, also known as Mocambo, White Cacao, or the Jaguar Tree, is the lesser known cousin of the cacao plant. Its brain-shaped seeds grow inside large golden pods found hanging from trees deep in the Peruvian Amazon.While its cousin cacao found world-wide fame and fortune, Macambo long remained a local secret. Previously unheard of in America, Macambo hit the shelves for the first time in late 2014.Often sold in small Amazonian markets, these seeds have sustained indigenous people for centuries, providing energy for long, hard days in the equatorial heat.

Macambo Benefits

High Fiber

Each Macambo seed contains an amazing 31% dietary fiber. Fiber has a whole host of body benefits, including regulating proper digestion, lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar levels.

High Protein

Macambo seeds are 25% pure protein — an extremely high content compared to other nuts or seeds. This makes them an excellent choice for muscle recovery and long-term energy.


As a relative of Cacao, Macambo contains theobromine compounds. Ever felt a natural buzz from eating strong, dark chocolate? That’s Theobromine at work. This alkaloid is known for its invigorating, uplifting effects on the body and mind.

Healthy Fats

Macambo is high in Omega-9 fatty acids- these healthy fats have been linked with lowering “bad” cholesterol and increasing “good” cholesterol, and may play a role in controlling blood sugar.

What does Macambo taste like?


— A crispy, buttery experience that is beyond satisfying!

Macambo seeds are lightly toasted until crunchy, with a flaky texture that crumbles in your mouth. The seeds have a salty, smokey flavor that taste extremely unique while somehow invoking a flavor nostalgia in most people.Macambo can be thrown into salads, stir-fries and smoothies, or eaten alone as a nutrition dense, energy boosting snack!


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