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Sacha Inchi Seeds: Making an Impact

Sacha Inchi Seeds: Making an Impact

Sourcing Sacha Inchi Sustainably

We’ve traveled across the ocean, traversed country borders, and climbed mountainous terrain to find the most amazing Sacha Inchi Seeds growing in the pristine rainforest regions of Southeast Asia. The story of Imlak’esh Organics’ Southeast Asian Sacha Inchi holds a special place in our hearts.

To thousands of people, Sacha Inchi is more than a powerhouse of nutrition. To the thousands of people involved in its cultivation, Sacha Inchi is a seed of hope — for economic freedom, for empowerment, and prosperity across generations.

Seed with Big Socio-Economic Impact

The seed starts in the mountainous regions of pristine rainforests, where families are beginning to grow and harvest Sacha Inchi. The villagers in many of these impoverished communities have never had a job, farmed a cash crop, or had any source of income. (This means they had no access to medicine, mobility, or even basic human necessities). Sacha Inchi creates an economic opportunity for thousands of people, where none previously existed.

Imlak’esh is working with local village leaders to provide support and resources to communities across rural Lao, Cambodia, and Thailand. Not only do we providing living wages to indigenous people for the Sacha Inchi Seeds, but together, we aim to improve community infrastructure for necessities like clean water, lighting, and waste removal.


Another major focus for us at Imlak’esh is putting into practice a regenerative farming system. The Sacha Inchi vine itself is an interdependent part of the ecosystem, growing on a perennial vine that lives in harmony with existing growth. The plant is actually a nitrogen fixer; one of the most important functions for creating healthy soil. It produces its seed in beautiful symmetrical, star-shaped pods. In contrast to the traditional slash-and-burn approach, our goal is to empower small farmers to steward the land with sustainable and effective means of agriculture.

Seed with Big Flavor

Our new Sacha Inchi has the same impressive nutritional profile, with super levels of plant protein and vegan omega 3 oils. But it does take on a new flavor: it’s crunchier, more savory, snackable and delicious!

It has a different flavor from our Peruvian Sacha Inchi because plants and seeds naturally change depending on the region they are grown. They adapt to a range of place-based factors such as weather, altitude, sunlight, humidity, soil microbes, and rainforest density.

The outcome is a smaller, denser seed that we toast with sea salt to create a nourishing, delectable snack! You can use it in recipes that call for nuts.

One fan described the flavor of our new Sacha Inchi as “Peanut’s Fun Cousin.” Another said: “If a Peanut and Lobster had a baby, it would taste like Sacha Inchi.” The richness reminiscent of lobster comes from our Sacha Inchi Seeds’ Omega 3 contents.

Seed with Big Nutrition

Sacha Inchi is one of the Earth’s highest sources of plant-based Omega 3s. This essential fatty acid has long been associated with safeguarding physical and mental health. Research indicates that Omega 3 consumption can reduce inflammation in the body, promoting optimal brain function, and help reduce risk for heart disease. Despite being extremely important, they are rare in most Western diets. Omega 3s are not made naturally by our body, meaning we must get it from our food. Sacha Inchi is a delicious, powerful way to incorporate it into your diet.

You may wonder about the differences between Omega 3s derived from marine life and animals (EPA and DHA) and plant Omega 3s (ALA). Our bodies convert ALA (α-linolenic acid) into EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) at a lower conversion rate. That’s why recommendations of Omega Oil intake differs for plant and animal sources. That said, Sacha Inchi has 17 times the amount of Omega 3s found in salmon; that’s 350% of the Daily Value of ALA per serving!

Plus, Sacha Inchi is packed with complete protein, and all the essential amino acids. Protein is present in almost every cell of your body. It helps your body perform the many amazing functions that enable you to live vibrantly! Protein plays a role in building muscles, speeding your body’s recovery, maintaining a healthy weight, and fueling your adventures!

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