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Why Gratitude is Important

Thanksgiving is an especially special day because it honors a key part of our company culture: gratitude. “Gratitude is a powerful tool for bringing the self into the present moment -- it helps you take a pause and name the abundance surrounding you,” said Carissa.

It also helps you recognize that the source of your happiness is partially attributed to forces outside of yourself. This encourages you connect with something larger than your individual self, such as other people, nature, or a higher power.

Why wait an entire year to identify what makes you happy in your life? Research has shown that you become a happier person when you focus on the positive and acknowledge your appreciation regularly. It has been linked to improved health, strong relationships, and a better sense of general well-being.Gratitude has transformed all members of the Imlak’esh team in unique ways. We acknowledge our gratitude before each company meeting, and we ask every customer at events what they are grateful for. It is a way to gift others with the present moment and allow us to connect more deeply.

This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to incorporate gratitude in your daily life. Giving thanks before each meal is an effortless way you can remember to express your gratitude everyday, multiple times a day. Soon enough, recognizing the positivity in your life will become second nature.

I am grateful for the abundance of knowledge and the ability and freedom to learn.
-- Carissa Hayes, Events Manager

“I'm grateful that my children both say ‘Good Morning Daddy’ to me daily. I'm still blown away that I'm a dad, and there's little humans that surprise me daily with their morning love.”
-- Fred Garcia, Production Manager

Gratitude is like a muscle that needs to be honored daily in order to grow and become a solid part of our being. Taking in the good means taking a moment to sink into a positive experience or memory for around 10-20 seconds; expanding it, absorbing it and being present with it before moving on with our lives. It trains our brain to be more perceptive to the positive, re-wiring our evolutionary habits and allowing more joy into our human experience.”
-- Hannah Mendoza, Sales Manager


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