Superfood for a Super Year

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Packed with nutrients that can aid in weight loss, muscle building, and immune system function, Sacha Inchi seeds are a powerful superfood to jumpstart your New Year and help you reach your 2017 goals [...]

Maca: An Adaptogenic Superfood


Honoring the Autumn Equinox As we celebrate the Autumn Equinox, we honor the nature of change and transformation -- both in externally and internally. As the green leaves fade to warm [...]

New Organic Spirulina from Chile


New Spirulina Source We've discovered a rare Spirulina, organically grown in South America - and we're bringing it to you! This blue green algae comes from the mineral-rich, freshwater pools of the Chilean desert, which is the driest [...]

Top 7 Macambo Benefits

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Macambo is the most recent superstar to shine in the superfood spotlight! It may be new to the superfood scene, but has been touted for its brain-boosting, mood-lifting properties for thousands of years. This [...]