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Imlak'esh Distributor

Imlak’esh Available thru Foundation

We love partnering with Foundation Brands to offer a hands-on distribution option for our Southern California stores! Their focus is to offer high-integrity products for a healthier future.

If you are looking for a great local distribution option in SoCal, please contact Foundation Brands and ask about their offerings.

Foundation Brands

Distr. Type:
Retail Distributor

Partners Since:
September 2018

Products Available thru Foundation

Retail Products

Cacao Nibs [16oz Jar],
Cacao Powder [12oz Jar],
Cacao Wafers [16oz Jar],
ChargeBoss Clusters [10oz Jar],
Golden Berries [16oz Jar],
Goji Berries [12oz Jar],
Maca Powder [6oz Jar],
Maca Powder [12oz Jar],
Macambo Beans [14oz Jar],
Sacha Inchi Seeds [16oz Jar],
Sacha Inchi Protein Powder [7oz Jar],
Sacha Inchi Protein Powder [14oz Jar],
Spirulina Powder [7oz Jar],
Spirulina Powder [14oz Jar]

Bulk Products

Cacao Nibs [33lb Box],
Cacao Powder [50lb Bag],
Cacao Wafers [33lb Box],
ChargeBoss Clusters [16lb Box],
Golden Berries [19lb Box],
Goji Berries [22lb Box],
Maca Powder [39lb Box],
Macambo Beans [44lb Box],
Sacha Inchi Seeds [44lb Box],
Spirulina Powder [55lb Drum]