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Imlak'esh Distributor

Imlak’esh Available thru Reliant

Reliant is your go-to foodservice distributor in Southern California. Now, as an Imlak’esh Partner, you can get the premium bulk superfoods your customers love delivered to your door, with ease.

If you are looking for a great local distribution option in SoCal, please contact Reliant Foodservice and ask about their offerings.

Reliant Foodservice

Distr. Type:
Food Service, Bulk Supply

Partners Since:
March 2018

Products Available thru Reliant

Retail Products

Bulk Products

Cacao Nibs [33lb Box],
Cacao Powder [50lb Bag],
Cacao Wafers [33lb Box],
ChargeBoss Clusters [16lb Box],
Golden Berries [19lb Box],
Goji Berries [22lb Box],
Maca Powder [39lb Box],
Macambo Beans [44lb Box],
Sacha Inchi Seeds [44lb Box],
Spirulina Powder [55lb Drum]