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CEC’s Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 2018

Presented by Community Environmental Council (CEC)

CEC’s Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 2018 – which is free to attend – will be a space to gather community together, give thanks for our planet, and continue the healing process as we deal with the devastation brought on by the fire and flooding in our region. As in the crisis that led to the first Earth Day in 1970, it will also provide a space to inspire possibilities – with ideas for rebuilding, opportunities for increasing resiliency, and reinvigorated efforts to combat the root causes of climate change so we can mitigate the impact and intensity of future natural disasters.Join 30,000 fellow eco-citizens to #actonclimate with live music and more than 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest in sustainable technology, vehicles, products, services and local food. Special activities include the Science March (ending in Alameda Park), Environmental Hero Awards and a Sunday morning public forum focused on building grass root movements.

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