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Shakti Fest 2018

Presented by Bhakti Fest

Shakti Fest is a 3 day Yoga, Music & Personal Transformational Festival dedicated to the divine feminine that blossoms within all of us ❦We gather on 420 acres of inspiring high desert land to express our love and devotion as one community through an enchanting array of activities, including:❧ Day and Night Kirtan Concerts❧ 3 Yoga Halls with yoga classes going on simultaneously in 12 hrs each day❧ Universal Seminars on so many topics❧ Sound Healing Dome with every instrument you can imagine.❧ Private and Group Meditation❧ Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Vegan Cuisine❧ Fire Ceremonies (Pujas)❧ Private Workshop’s Men Only & Women Only❧ Conscious Kids Land❧ Hanuman Chalisas❧ Eco-Friendly Vendor Village❧ Camping, Cottages and Cabin Accommodations❧ Wellness Sanctuary: with massage, reiki, channeling, and other unique healing sessions.❧ In addition, a substantial portion of the festival’s proceeds are donated to charitable organizationsThis Heart-Centered Festival is about the celebration of life and the creation of our communities with conscious traditions. Shakti Festival embraces ancient wisdom through devotional paths rooted in Yoga, Meditation, Kirtan Music and Transformational Workshops taught by world renowned teachers. This Sacred Festival is a vehicle for Evolution of Human Consciousness, through a heart-centeric revolution.❧ No Alcohol & DrugsWe offer student, senior, and local resident discounts. We’re building sacred community—join us!

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