Intentions for the New Year: 2017

Intentions for the New Year: 2017

Every moment of every day of every year is an opportunity for growth, and we invite you to set your intentions for this upcoming year. Intentions can guide the focus and direction our growth. Here, we share 3 resolutions from our Imlak’esh Family hoping to inspire some of your own.

 #1. Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sarah Bay,
Superfoods Strategist

New experiences help us to grow by expanding our perspectives and pushing our boundaries. Challenging ourselves can help us perform at our peak. Think how building new muscle involves stretching, strength training, and soreness. It may be uncomfortable and difficult at times, but our muscles heal stronger than ever. Likewise, those ‘new experiences’ will one day become less scary and uncomfortable, and you’ll be better than ever.

Trying new things can also spark creativity because our knowledge base has widened. Innovation occurs when we break from the routine, and this can pay off in business, in science experiments, in relationships, and in personal growth.

#2. Prioritize & Pursue Your Creativity

Daniel Cornejo,
Superfoods Analyst

Our creative spirit is an important part of our wellbeing. Creativity is the route to authenticity, and it encourages self awareness and expression. Not only does it satisfy our soul in a deep way, but it is also linked to many health benefits.

Tending to our creative spirit is meditative. Creating art can make us happy. When you prioritize time to create for your own pleasure and enjoyment, it helps relieve stress and tension. Studies suggest stress can lead to weight gain, lower immunity, and cardiovascular problems. Not only can creativity bring physical health benefits, but it is also often associated with healthy cognitive function. Creativity promotes a continual learning process that helps you to grow as a healthy, well-balanced individual.

#3. Make Conscious Decisions

Philip Richardson,
Superfoods Ace

We make a million decisions every single day: we choose to wake up, we choose to brush our teeth with toothpaste and toothbrushes we have chosen to buy, we choose which clothes to wear from our wardrobe full of clothing we have chosen to purchase and chosen to keep. And that’s just the first 15 minutes of your day.

This year, we encourage you to think about the choices you make and the way it affects the world. “Whom do you bank with? What is that banking institution investing in — Oil pipelines or education?” “Which companies do you support — Do their business practices align with your values?” “What do you like to talk about — People, events, or ideas?

By making a conscious decisions every day, we are shaping the world into a place we want to live in — improving the world for future generations.

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