Chocolatey Protein Power Smoothie

Chocolatey Protein Power Smoothie With 24 grams of protein in 1 serving, this nutrient-dense smoothie will keep you fueled for intense workouts and action-packed adventures! Plus, its superfood properties equip you with sustained energy! Cacao has naturally stimulating and mood-boosting properties while Maca is an [...]

Cacao Maca Superfood Truffles

Cacao Maca Superfood Truffles These delicately delicious superfood truffles are the perfect bite of decadence that fuel you up with nutrients. Some call them energy balls, but they're so good - we think of them as truffles. Caitlin Eberly of What Cait Ate created this simple recipe based [...]

Raw Maca Carrot Onion Crackers

Maca Carrot Onion Crackers Maca is an adaptogenic food that is  most commonly added to smoothies for a nutritious boost.  But this Peruvian root is actually very versatile and can be incorporated into many types of recipes. We love this Maca Carrot Onion Cracker creation [...]

Maple Maca Ice Cream

Maple Maca Ice Cream This decadent Maple Maca Ice Cream topped with pecans is incredibly decadent, but entirely wholesome. This raw, vegan, gluten free recipe is adapted from Heather of Sweetly Raw. It's creamy, sweet, and you can enjoy this indulgence guilt-free. Give the recipe a try, it's as easy [...]

Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl

The Ultimate Green Smoothie Bowl Chocolate Covered Mocha Ice Cream Bites? Yes please! Thank you, Annie of An Unrefined Vegan, for sharing this amazing recipe! This refreshingly cold, chocolatey treat will tame the wildest sweet tooth — this unprocessed, raw dessert made with cacao and coconut milk is [...]

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Superfood Smoothie Bowl We're so excited to share this Superfood Smoothie Bowl recipe by Veggies Don't Bite! This gorgeous red, white, and blue (or purple) bowl is brimming with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Topped with your choice of superfoods, this superfood smoothie bowl is the breakfast of champions. Actually, this [...]

Maca Green Shot

A smooth, creamy shot that tastes nothing like it looks Despite common belief, spirulina can add a pleasant edginess to the sweet, creamy combinations such as maca and cashews.  No tastes need to be masked: this elixir is perfectly balanced to highlights the flavor tones that delight the palate. Maca [...]


HippyZippy™ Recipe The harmony of yerba maté, cacao, and maca will increase your focus and keep you high-energy the whole day through. HippyZippy™  is a naturally caffeinated drink is a great alternative to coffee. Yerba maté, cacao, and maca also pair to support a healthy metabolism, while offering an abundance [...]