Persimmon Sacha Inchi Pie

This holiday, whip up a delicious healthy dessert that actually nourishes the people you love. This Persimmon Sacha Inchi Pie recipe incorporates superfoods into a satisfying treat: it boasts complete protein, Omega 3s, fiber, vitamins and minerals!

Sacha Inchi Cacao Crunch Brownies

Sacha Inchi Cacao Crunch Brownies Sacha Inchi seeds are deliciously crunchy with a rich nuttiness that adds a touch of umami to complement desserts wonderfully! Amy Lyon, the creative behind the plant-based blog Fragrant Vanilla, did an incredible job balancing sweet and savory with her amazing Sacha Inchi [...]

Sacha Inchi Acorn Squash Soup

Sacha Inchi Acorn Squash Soup Also known as "Incan Peanuts," Sacha inchi seeds are solid source of protein and the best vegan source of plant-derived omega 3 oils on the planet. This simple, but deeply nourishing soup from Gena of A Full Helping is one of our favorite recipes that [...]

Muscle Berry

Muscle Berry Smoothie Recipe A delightful smoothie that will recharge you after a long workout. We feature two of our favorite plant protein sources in this drink: Sacha Inchi & Goji Berries. Chef Kevin B. Prep Time 10 min Total Time 15 min Yield 1 serving (16oz) [...]