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5 Best Superfoods for Pregnancy

The best food for pregnancy includes nutrient dense foods high in vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 fatty acids which nourish the expecting mama and baby-to-be on a cellular level. The food mothers consume become nutrition for your baby.

This article explains the best food for pregnancy. Some of the most important foods for pregnancy and tophealthy fetal development are foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Other important foods for pregnancy are high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Sacha Inchi Salad

#1. Sacha Inchi Seeds
And Other Omega 3 Foods

Sacha Inchi is an excellent food for pregnancy because of its high content of plant-based Omega 3. It contains 20x the Omega 3 content of Wild Pink Salmon. In pregnant women, Omega 3 is critical for your baby’s brain development, the timing of gestation, and birth weight.1 Not only should women consume Omega 3 while pregnant, you should continue to consume it as you breastfeed. Omega 3 fats influence brain development and performance in growing infants.

Sacha Inchi contains 20x the Omega 3 content of Wild Pink Salmon

One serving of Sacha Inchi offers 350% the Daily Value of ALA, a type of Omega 3 that is converted to EPA and then to DHA. Sacha Inchi also contains more protein, fiber, and iron than many other nuts and seeds—making it one of the most nutritious foods for pregnancy. Mamas-to-be should incorporate Sacha Inchi seeds into meals and smoothies, along with other sources of Omega 3 such as seafood.*

*While Seafood is a good source of Omega 3, the FDA recommends limiting seafood intake to two servings a week because of mercury risks, which can damage the development of your baby.2


#2. Macambo Beans
And Other Fibrous Foods

Macambo is another great super food for pregnancy because of its high fiber content. One serving provides 9 grams of fiber—that’s 36% of your Daily Value. These crunchy, deliciously savory seeds have more than 2x the fiber of black beans and almonds.

Research suggests that a high-fiber diet may improve a woman’s gut bacteria during pregnancy, producing anti-inflammatory substances that suppress asthma-related gene in your baby.3

Plus, fibrous foods like Macambo are among the top foods for pregnancy because they help with indigestion. Fiber-rich foods are especially beneficial during pregnancy as they help prevent glucose intolerance, a condition that can sometimes lead to gestational diabetes. A diet high in fiber during pregnancy may also help reduce the risk of developing conditions such as high bloo>d pressure and preeclampsia.4


#3. Lentils
And Other Foods with Folic Acid

Lentils are packed with Folic Acid, a B Vitamin that is helps form your baby’s brain and nervous system. It is especially important food for pregnancy during the first trimester. This nutrient also plays a protective role against defects like spina bifida. 5 Other legumes like peas, beans, and chickpeas are also good sources of Folic Acid. These foods also offer protein, fiber, iron, and calcium.

superfood smoothie bowl goji berries

#4. Goji Berries & Golden Berries
And Other Sources Vitamin A

Both Goji Berries and Golden Berries are considered superfoods because of their dense nutritional profile. They are great food for pregnancy specifically because of their beta-carotene and Vitamin A content.

Pregnant women are advised to increase Vitamin A intake by up to 40%.

Beta Carotene is an antioxidant that protects against chronic diseases and converts into Vitamin A. This nutrient plays a role in the differentiation of most cells and tissues; it affects your baby’s skin, bones, eyes, and cell growth6. Pregnant women are advised to increase their Vitamin A intake by up to 40%.7 Snack on some Golden Berries or steep your morning tea in Goji Berries, which have more beta carotene than carrots!


#5. Spinach
And Other Dark Leafy Greens

Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, and other dark, leafy greens should always be on the menu, for pregnant women. Full of fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Folate, and Potassium, these vegetables nourish you and your baby inside you on a cellular level.


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