Feel the power of these clusters in every rich, crispy bite. Canopy Clusters are a decadent blend of organic superfoods and spices designed for long days and supercharged energy levels! At the core of each cluster is Sacha Inchi, a unique seed native to the Amazon Rainforest.

Thanks to its amazing nutrient content, Sacha Inchi has been highly valued by Amazonian peoples for centuries; each seed contains an incredible 33% protein and 25% pure Omega 3 fatty acids- that’s around 17x the Omega content of salmon! These powerful seeds are surrounded by plump Goji Berries, crunchy popped quinoa and juicy heirloom mangos.

This amazing combo is rolled by hand with a mix of ayurvedic spices and coconut nectar by our Kitchen Alchemists in sunny Santa Barbara, California. Enjoy this handcrafted, artisan treat knowing you are nourishing your beautiful body while supporting a vibrant Amazon Rainforest!