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Keto Cacao Almond Butter Cups

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Project Description

Keto Cacao Almond Butter Cups

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to share the true spirit of Cacao with the ones you love. Let’s skip the high-processed, artificial chocolates this year for a spin on the classic peanut butter cup everyone can feel good about!

This Keto Cacao Almond Butter Cup recipe uses fair-trade, 100% pure heirloom cacao rich with antioxidants, minerals, and alkaloids that help support energy and mood.

Cacao is associated with elevated mood and blissfulness due to natural compounds such as anandamide.

Think you could handle an even bigger boost to your mood and vitality?  Just a dash of Maca Powder to these super simple, no-bake Cacao Almond Butter Cups will help reduce stress, balance hormones, and increase stamina and libido.

Chef Emily Rogers
Prep Time 30 min
Assembly Time 20 min
Set Time 30 min
Yield 30 cups

Cacao Base Ingredients

  • Cacao Wafers                             3/4 Cup
  • Maca Powder                             1 Tbsp
  • Coconut Oil                                1/4 Cup
  • Stevia                                           10 Drops
  • Salt                                                Dash

Filling Ingredients

  • Almond Butter                          1/3 Cup
  • Coconut Oil                                1/4 Cup
  • Stevia                                           7 Drops


  1. For the Cacao Base: In a double boiler, mix Cacao Wafers and coconut oil, stirring every few minutes (until blended and melted).  Then add Maca Powder and stevia.  Line mini cupcake pan with 24 cupcake liners and spoon the first layer of chocolate into the cups. Place pan in freezer to harden for less than 5 mins.   Leave the double boiler on simmer.
  2. For the Filling:  Spoon almond butter into each cup.  Use the rest of the Cacao to apply the second layer.
  3. Top with delicious and decorative toppings like salt, cacao nibs, goji berries, or dried rose petals!  Enjoy!!
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