Maca Green Shot

A smooth, creamy shot that tastes nothing like it looks Despite common belief, spirulina can add a pleasant edginess to the sweet, creamy combinations such as maca and cashews.  No tastes need to be masked: this elixir is perfectly balanced to highlights the flavor tones that delight the palate. Maca [...]

Awaken Cacao Shot

Enjoy the deep, bold flavor of dark chocolate This elixir is like the authentic, midnight version of your childhood 'hot cocoa' drink.  The rich, dark flavor of 100% cacao is whipped with a just enough sweetness to find the perfect medium between intensity and confectionery. Awaken [...]

Macambo Longevity Shot

An unusual pairing that is bound to brighten your day This creamy macambo, goji berry shot is full of complexity — behind its rich golden color is a surprisingly festive flavor that warms you from the inside out. Longevity Shot Recipe Macambo and goji [...]

Real Hot Cacao

Real Hot Cacao Recipe A delightful drink that delivers a bold flavor & thickness that only comes from using 100% cacao wafers. Try this as an alternative to your morning coffee or generic 'hot cocoa'. Warning: This hot chocolate will make ya' go baa'zing! Enjoy the natural feel good vibes and energizing [...]


HippyZippy™ Recipe The harmony of yerba maté, cacao, and maca will increase your focus and keep you high-energy the whole day through. HippyZippy™  is a naturally caffeinated drink is a great alternative to coffee. Yerba maté, cacao, and maca also pair to support a healthy metabolism, while offering an abundance [...]