Sacha Inchi Quinoa Bowl

Sacha Inchi Quinoa Bowl If you've ever visited our organic food truck at a festival, chances are you've eaten our Sacha Inchi Quinoa Bowl. It's our most popular meal on the menu - and for a good reason: It's DELICIOUS! And it nourishes your body, [...]

Sacha Inchi Acorn Squash Soup

Sacha Inchi Acorn Squash Soup Also known as "Incan Peanuts," Sacha inchi seeds are solid source of protein and the best vegan source of plant-derived omega 3 oils on the planet. This simple, but deeply nourishing soup from Gena of A Full Helping is one of our favorite recipes that [...]

Raw Maca Carrot Onion Crackers

Maca Carrot Onion Crackers Maca is an adaptogenic food that is  most commonly added to smoothies for a nutritious boost.  But this Peruvian root is actually very versatile and can be incorporated into many types of recipes. We love this Maca Carrot Onion Cracker creation [...]

Golden Salsa Verde

Golden Salsa Verde Recipe An easy golden berry recipe for fresh, tangy, homemade salsa verde.  Just a handful of golden berries can add a delightful sweet-tart flavor to traditional salsa verde. Tomatillos and golden berries are actually in the same botanical family and complement each other [...]

Creamy Spirulina Dressing

Creamy Spirulina Dressing Recipe This is a salad dressing for the bold and adventurous — “it ain’t yo mamma’s olive oil and vinegar.” Creamy and nutty, with the bold flavors complemented with the tang of a lemon. Chef Mama Hayes Prep Time 5 min Total Time 10 min Yield Dressing for 2 salads  [...]

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