Superfoods 30% off at Bristol Farms!

Superfood lovers are in for a treat!  Enjoy 30% OFF for the month of October.  Get directions to find participating Santa Monica and Calabasas locations!

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Now you can find the highest quality organic, sustainably harvested superfoods like Imlak’esh Cacao, Maca, and Sacha Inchi Seeds at these participating locations.  

Learn more about the benefits of all of our superfoods, with tips on how to incorporate them into your diet, and cultivate vibrant health here!

 Our Mission

“We must strive to preserve the Earth’s abundance for future generations.”

With our 5% for the People program, we donate 5% of our annual profits to an ecosocial project that benefits the people and the planet.

Imlak'esh Superfoods and Team at Sprouts Farmers Market-300