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Wholesale & Bulk Organic Superfoods​

Our superfoods are directly sourced from small family farmers, cooperatives, and like-minded companies. We ensure our farmers receive fair prices for their amazing superfoods. We are committed to giving back 5% to Eco-Social projects around the globe.

Our team strives to build personable business relationships with our clients, and offer a delightful human-to-human interaction. We work with you to understand your ingredient needs. We value our customer service, and guarantee our product quality will exceed industry standards.

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Wholesale Superfood Options

We supply to Retailers, Small Businesses, and Manufacturers, and anyone in betweenPlease explore for our wholesale options below: 

Showcase the Imlak’esh Superfood Retail Line to offer your customers the dedication to quality & ethics they deserve!

We have many distributors that may already be in your area!

Ideal For:
Retail Stores Boutiques

Order bulk volumes of the superfoods everybody loves: competitive price; unbeatable quality.

For single case orders, please visit our Bulk Online page.

Ideal For:
Brands ∙ Manufacturers

Bring your vision to life through our Full Service Co-Manufacturing Branch.

We can make your product vision a reality, from formulation all the way to scaled production.

Ideal For:
Retailers ∙ Juice Bars ∙ Brands

Why Choose Imlak'esh?

Our team builds personable business relationships with our clients, and value human-to-human interactions. We work to individually understand your ingredient needs, and guarantee our product quality will exceed industry standards.

  • Imlak'esh has a reliable network of thousands of farmers in over 10+ countries, specializing in organic superfoods.
  • Imlak'esh has married the sourcing of nutritious, organic foods with the positive impact in livelihood for the people who cultivate the foods
  • Using our logistics and distributor networks, we can offers fast, reliable turn around on your orders

You're in Good Company!

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Wholesale Options

Here is more info on our wholesale options before you submit your inquiry:

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