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Wholesale & Bulk Organic Superfoods

Imlakesh Organics LogoOur superfoods are directly sourced from small family farmers, cooperatives, and like-minded companies. We ensure our farmers receive fair prices for their amazing superfoods. We are committed to giving back 5% to Eco-Social projects around the globe.

IO-Org-text-200 IO-5percent-text-200Our team strives to build personable business relationships with our clients, and offer a delightful human-to-human interaction. We work with you to personally understand your ingredient needs. We value our customer service, and guarantee our product quality will exceed industry standards.

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Please reach out with any inquires about our wholesale program or product offerings.

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Wholesale Bulk Product List

We offer are wide variety of organic foods for our wholesale clients that are not highlighted in our retail line.  Below is our list of popular wholesale products.
*Not all available products are listed below, please inquire about any other ingredients.


Superfood Characteristic Certification
Almonds Raw | Whole | Diced Organic
Bananas Raw | Dried | Special Cuts Organic
Brazil Nut Oil Cold-Pressed Organic
Brazil Nuts Raw | Whole | Pieces Organic
Cacao Beans Raw | Toasted | Chocolate Covered Organic
Cacao Butter Cold-Pressed Organic
Cacao Nibs Raw | Toasted | Chocolate Covered Organic
Cacao Powder Natural | Alkalized Organic
Cacao Wafers 50-100% Dark Chocolate Organic
Camu Camu Raw, Powder, Gelantinized Organic
Cashews Raw | LWP | Whole Organic
Chia Seeds Raw Organic
Chlorella Raw | Powder | Tabs Organic
Coconut Sugar Blonde | Purity-Tested Organic
Goji Berries Raw Organic
Golden Berries Raw | Chocolate Covered Organic
Hemp Seeds Raw | Chocolate Covered Organic
Lucuma Raw | Powder Organic
Maca Powder Raw | Gelatinized Organic
Macambo Seeds Toasted | Salted | Unsalted Sustainable
Mangos Raw | Slices Organic
Mesquite Raw | Powder Organic
Quinoa Raw | Sprouted Organic
Sacha Inchi Oil Cold-Pressed Organic
Sacha Inchi Protein Powder | Gelantinized | Raw Organic
Sacha Inchi Seeds Toasted | Salted | Unsalted Organic
Spirulina Raw | Powder | Tabs Organic
Vanilla Raw | Powder | Paste Organic
Yacon Syrup Raw | Chips | Syrup Organic

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Wholesale Bulk Packaging Options

Our wholesale offerings range from our retail line to bulk ingredient supply.   All of our products come with labels, UPC’s, and lot numbers for your use and records.

Maca PowderRetail Products

Our retail line includes 14 superfoods products in two sizes. All our retail products are featured in premium glass jars with brushed metal lids. Explore our retail products at our online shop.

Golden Berry GallonFood Service

Food service gallons provide larger bulk quantities that are accessible for kitchen and commercial use.  All gallons are packaged in recyclable PET container with metal lids, designed to be durable, reusable, and recyclable.

Organic Quinoa BulkBulk Ingredients

Bulk ingredient services vary from single box deliveries, pallet quantities, and FCLs.  Pack sizes of our bulk ingredients vary amongst products.  We provide Bulk to many types of businesses, and offer many foods not sold in our Retail Line.

Wholesale Inquiry

Want to open a wholesale account? Start by sending us a quick message about your company.

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Buy Direct on Amazon Bulk 

Please use Amazon for all wholesale orders under <500 lbs for our core superfood products.

Any registered business can now order Imlak'esh superfood cases on Amazon Business: prime Shipping & Bulk Pricing.

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Imlak'esh Retail Line 

Thanks for your interest in the Imlak'esh Retail Line! Please check our distributor list to see if you have any options that work for you.

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If we don't have a distributor that works for you, please reach out directly so we can explore other options!

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Bulk Superfoods 

Can you tell us the ingredients you are interested in, and the rough volumes so we can best follow-up with you?

Expected VolumesPick all that apply to your inquiry

Consider Amazon Bulk 

To best serve our business partners, we have moved our case orders (<500 lb) to Amazon BusinessIncludes Free ✓prime Shipping & Bulk Pricing.

Custom Powder Blend

Can you tell us what you are planning on including in your custom powder blend? We just need some basics...

Essential SuperfoodsOur blend projects must have one at least (1) of our core superfoods in the recipe.
Other IngredientsPlease select any that are part of your recipe. This will help us better understand your vision.

Our ServicesWhich of our services do you want to envision needing for your powder blend?
Packaging NeedsPlease select all the packaging options you think you will need for your powder blend.

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Thank you for your interest! Once you send us an inquiry, one of our team members will follow up with you. Please feel free to give us a call at anytime!

*We do not sign you up for any email lists or share your information.

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Our Promise

Great Customer Service

We thrive on human to human interactions. At Imlak’esh we avoid automated systems and embrace personable conversations with the people we work with.

We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships that cultivate an environment for intentional businesses to thrive.

As a client you will have a personal representative that handles all your needs. To offer the best service we abstain from commission based employees and multi-level marketing.  Open communication is our goal.



Superior Delivery

At Imlak’esh we get our products to you as efficiently as possible. With support from our friendly shipping partners, we transport over land, air, or sea with speed and security.

No matter the size, we promise to deliver every order punctually and accurately.

Lead times for orders vary depending on product customization and quantity.  We are able to offer quick estimates and timelines for any order over the phone.  Local deliveries are also available for the Santa Barbara & Los Angeles region.

We love working with Imlak’esh Organics. They are so friendly and always deliver their superfoods with a smile!
Steven J.
The best superfoods I have ever tried! …and the foods have an amazing story as well.
Stacy B.

Customer Experience & Clientele

When it comes to delivering high quality ingredients, we have experience working will all types of businesses. We are happy to work with your specific needs, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.


We supply to national grocery chains & small independent stores alike.


We specialize in food service volumes for ease of use and reduced spoilage.

Juice Bars

Our high-quality superfoods pack a nutritional punch and are perfect for juice bars.


We supply ingredients to all types of food manufacturers with guaranteed quality and volume.


We work with various carriers and distribution channels to offer national and local deliveries for your convenience.

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