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Imlak’esh has chosen to make a move towards the future! In order to provide free 2-day shipping to our business partners and make ordering a breeze, we are now listing our bulk products on Amazon Business!

 Free 2-Day Shipping

Inventory Transparency

 No Credit Card Fees

This is an exclusive offer only for business customers, ensuring you get the quality and price you expect from Imlak’esh.

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How to Sign Up for Amazon Business

In order to purchase Imlak’esh bulk products on Amazon Business, or view pricing & inventory, you must have an Amazon Business account. Luckily, it’s easy to set up!

If you do not have a business, but are still looking for bulk products, check out our Superfood Gallons.

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If you experience any issues with setup, please contact Amazon directly.

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Why Amazon Business?

We thought long and hard about how to offer the best logistics to our business partners. We’ve tried FedEx & UPS, personal delivery in our Sprinter Van, and even considered carrier pigeons (but it wasn’t sanitary).

At the end of the day, you have strong expectations: no backorders, easy payment, immediate shipping, transparent tracking, & on-time delivery.

In order to meet those expectations we choose to have our fulfillment powered by the leading expert in fulfillment and on-time delivery, Amazon.

The answer is simple.

Imlak’esh specializes in
Sourcing Superfoods.

Amazon specializes in
Shipping Boxes.

For you, it’s the best of both worlds!

This is our new commitment to you.
The same Imlak’esh superfoods you love — on time, every time.

Amazon Business Features

The goal of Amazon Business is simple: be just like Amazon.com. We know our customers love buying our superfood jars on Amazon, so we thought our business partners would love it too! Especially when Amazon adds even more benefits just for Businesses!

Everything you love about Amazon — for your business.

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Bulk Superfoods Available On

Amazon Business

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