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We proudly supply the Natural Foods Industry with top-shelf bulk ingredients. Our products not only offer an incredible flavor profile, but a story your customers can love & trust.

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Source fair & ethically traded ingredients that are beyond organic!

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Why Source from Imlak'esh?

Imlak’esh is deeply rooted in ethically sourcing ingredients from around the globe:

With a network of thousands of farmers in over 10+ countries, we can be a reliable vendor in your supply chain for some of your most exotic and premium ingredient needs.

Imlak’esh has married the sourcing of nutritious, organic foods with the positive impact in livelihood for the people who cultivate the foods.

We add integrity to your supply chain.

Competitively Priced.
Unbeatable Quality.

— and —

Support Global
Farming Communities

Ingredient Quality  +  Ethical Sourcing
Ingredient sourcing that tastes and feels goods!

Imlak’esh Organics is certified organic, fair-trade, kosher, and vegan. We are GMP Compliant and our warehouses are HACCP audited.

You're in Good Company!

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