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Let us bring your vision to life, from inspiration to production!  Imlak’esh Organics’ development team will work with you to create the powder blend. R&D | Production | Packaging | Quality Assurance


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Full Service Co-Manufacturer

At Imlak’esh, we know what it takes to run an organic food brand. Our speciality is sourcing premium, ethical ingredients from around the globe — and we pair this offering with scalable co-manufacturing services. We are your all inclusive co-manufacturing solution.

Ingredient Sourcing Our Sourcing Department is dedicated to importing premium, ethical ingredients. We leverage our ingredient sourcing to offer you uncomparable quality and an ingredient story your customers will love! — Check out some of our superfoods stories

Fully Certified Our Quality and Production Teams audit our certifications and processes to meet your high expectation of safety and compliance.

USDA Organic | Earth Kosher | Fair-Trade | Recall Program | GMP | HACCP Protocol

Our Goal of Co-Manufacturing:

Help brands launch or transition to products that support Ethical Ingredients

& create a greater global demand for Natural Foods.

Let us be your one-stop shop manufacturing partner. Co-Manufacturer + Ingredient Supplier

Looking for more info? Take a look at some of our ingredient offers and ideas for powder blends. View PDF

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Whether you need recipe formulation or a co-manufacturer, please send us an inquiry.

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Custom Powder Blend

Can you tell us what you are planning on including in your custom powder blend? We just need some basics…

Essential SuperfoodsOur blend projects must have one at least (1) of our core superfoods in the recipe.
Other IngredientsPlease select any that are part of your recipe. This will help us better understand your vision.

Our ServicesWhich of our services do you want to envision needing for your powder blend?
Packaging NeedsPlease select all the packaging options you think you will need for your powder blend.