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We proudly supply the Natural Foods Industry with top-shelf bulk ingredients. Our products not only offer an incredible flavor profile, but a story your customers can love & trust.


Get our products through your favorite distribution partners! Our products come in 6-pack cases, and may even be available by the each. 

Retail Products

Imlak’esh is your premium superfood brand, from packaging to ingredient sourcing. Your customers deserve the option to choose Imlak’esh!


Our polished glass jars stand out on your shelves and bring a high quality look to the superfood set.

Also, our products are denser than stand-up pouches and save precious shelf space.


You're in Good Company!

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Thanks for your interest in the Imlak'esh Superfoods! Please check our distributor list for retail options, and our bulk ingredient list for bulk options.

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