We offer high-quality, wholesale and bulk organic vanilla. Our 100% USDA certified organic vanilla is great for commercial kitchens and food companies. We have raw vanilla, vanilla paste, and powder.

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Vanilla is one of the most widely used ingredients in baked goods, desserts, and ice cream because it adds a warm, sweet flavor. High-quality vanilla is also dense with nutrients. It contains magnesium, potassium, and manganese.


Certified: USDA Organic

Characteristics: Gluten-Free; Kosher, Ethically Traded, Vegan, Raw

Origin: Madgascar | Papua New Guinea


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Lead times for wholesale and bulk organic vanilla depends on order size and specifications.  Call us at (805) 689-2269 to get quick estimates and timelines for any order.  Local deliveries of vanilla orders are available for the greater Santa Barbara and Los Angeles area.

Wholesale & Bulk Organic Vanilla Variety Options

Raw, Organic Vanilla

Organic Vanilla Paste

Organic Vanilla Powder

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Wholesale & Bulk Organic Vanilla Volume Options


Bulk Ingredients

Bulk ingredient services vary from single box deliveries, pallet quantities, and FCLs.

Wholesale & Bulk Organic Vanilla Clientele

  • Smoothie & Juice Bars
  • Organic Food Stores
  • Delis & Cafes
  • Grocery Chains
  • Restaurants
  • Chocolatiers
  • Food Bar Companies
  • Specialty Food Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Bulk Supply Stores
  • Dessert Shops
  • Peruvian Specialty Stores
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