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Top 7 Macambo Benefits

Macambo is the most recent superstar to shine in the superfood spotlight! It may be new to the superfood scene, but has been touted for its brain-boosting, mood-lifting properties for thousands of years. This lesser known, but just as amazing Amazonian superfood provides incredible health benefits like its cousin the Cacao bean.

These seeds are lightly roasted for texture, depth, and a hint of smokiness. Enjoy the rich, delicate butteriness knowing that you’ll be enjoying its wonderful benefits too.

Macambo Benefits #1: Stimulates Brain Function

This brain-shaped bean provides powerful fuel for your brain. Mesoamerican cultures and Amazonian healers have traditionally used it to treat brain disorders — giving it the nickname the “brain bean”. It is loaded with nourishing compounds, essential fatty acids, and important nutrients that can stimulate brain function.

Macambo Benefits #2: Energizing Effect

Macambo shares its genus with its better known cousin, Cacao. Rooted in the same Theobroma plant family, Macambo contains theobromine: an alkaloid that stimulates the body and increases alertness. The effects of theobromine are similar to caffeine but because it does not affect the central nervous system, you never get “the jitters” or “the crash.” Its effects are milder and last longer than caffeine.

Macambo Benefits #3: Protein Packed

A whopping 25% of each seed is pure protein, which is extremely high compared to other seeds and nuts. Almonds are 13% protein and walnuts are only 8%. Its high protein aid in creating new cells and repairing muscle. Macambo is a great snack post-workout, pre-expedition, or just anytime you’re hungry.

Macambo Benefits #4: Full of Fiber

With almost 9 grams of fiber in 1 oz of Macambo, these seed have a super high fiber content. Comparatively, boiled lentils have 2.3 grams of fiber per ounce and black beans only have 2 grams. Fiber is important because it promotes bowel movements, and helps remove toxins from your body.

Macambo Benefits #5: Satisfies Your Appetite

It’s high protein and fiber contents help fill you up. Foods high in protein make you feel full, faster because they block mu-opioid receptors (which tells your brain to eat more), resulting in a that “full feeling” after big meals. Plus, the fiber creates a fullness within your intestines, which can also limit your food intake.

Macambo Benefits #6: Rich in Healthy Omega-9 Fats

Macambo is high in healthy Omega-9 fatty acids, which plays a role in lowering cholesterol levels and promoting healthy inflammation responses. Omega-9 is also linked to improved immune function, reduced insulin resistance, and even protection against certain cancers.

Macambo Benefits #7: Mood-Boosting Compounds

Like Cacao, Macambo is packed with mood-boosting serotonin compounds. That blissful buzz that comes from eating high-quality dark chocolate stems from the theobromine compound, which is also found in macambo.

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