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Macambo is the Amazon Rainforest’s newest nutritional superstar! A close relative of the Cacao plant, this delicious bean is packed with protein, fiber and mood-boosting serotonin compounds. It’s crunchy texture and smooth, buttery flavor make it a perfect snack to supercharge your day.

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Amazon’s Nutritional Superstar

Excite the senses with the unique flavor, texture, and shape of the Amazon’s hidden secret: Macambo, part of the Theobroma plant family, is a brain tingling, buttery treat. A close relative of the Cacao bean, Macambo is valued by local people for its invigorating properties and impressive nutritional profile, providing energy for long days in the equatorial heat.

Macambo grows wild amidst the rainforest canopy, its precious beans protected by large golden pods. Macambo Beans are sustainably wild-harvested by women’s collectives; this traditional practice supports old growth rainforest preservation.

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Macambo Benefits

Macambo is a nutrient dense food that is composed of an impressive 25% protein and 31% fiber by weight. These macronutrients help your bodily functions thrive. This Amazonian bean also contains the same Theobromine compounds found in cacao beans. Theobromine is a natural alkaloid is linked to increased alertness and energy, similar to caffeine but without the crash.

It is known for its invigorating, uplifting effects on the body and mind. Macambo is perfect as a mood-boosting snack, thanks to its natural energizing, feel-good properties. Amazonian healers used Macambo traditionally to treat brain disorders, fiber deficiencies, and to provide sustained energy.

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Dietary Fiber

Each Macambo seed contains amazing 9 grams of dietary fiber  in each serving; that’s 36% of your Daily Value. Fiber has a whole host of body benefits, including regulating proper digestion, lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar levels.

Plant Protein

There are 6 grams of protein in one ounce of Macambo seeds. This makes them an excellent choice for muscle recovery and long-term energy. Snacking on foods that are high in protein also helps our bodies feel fuller for longer, so Macambo is great for curbing hunger cravings between meals.

Omega Oils

Macambo is high in healthy fats — 50% are Omega fatty acids.  Omega oils have been linked with lowering “bad” cholesterol and increasing “good” cholesterol, and may play a role in controlling blood sugar. Research has also linked Omega 9 oils with strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation.


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Packaged in a facility that also processes tree nuts. May contain shell fragments. This food is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Statements not evaluated by the FDA.
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Traditional Medicine

The beans are extracted from the fruits of a large canopy tree; often referred to as the jaguar tree or “mocambo tree” by indigenous Amazonians. Macambo has also been traditionally used in Andean medicine to stimulate brain function giving it its nickname — the “Brain Bean”. Macambo’s balanced blend of fiber, protein and omega oils also make it a complete body fuel to supercharge your day while keeping your body and brain healthy!

Used for generations by the Amazonian people, the Macambo tree grows wild amidst the rainforest canopy, its precious beans protected by large golden pods. Today, Macambo is a popular snack for local Amazonians who prepare the food daily.

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Macambo Story

Macambo grows wild amidst the rainforest canopy, its precious beans protected by large golden pods that look similar in size to cacao. Macambo is native to the Amazonian regions of South America and is an integral canopy tree represents a healthy ecosystem.

Macambo is also a permaculture superstar, with uses for almost all parts of the plant! Its roots help build soil, its white pulp makes a delicious juice, and its shells are used for everything from tableware, to cooking utensils, to mulch.


Macambo cultivation empowers local Peruvian women’s collectives in the Amazon.


The wild harvesting method of the pod and seed supports old growth rainforest preservation.

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How to use Macambo

Macambo has a crispy, flakey texture and a complex buttery flavor that is truly unique.  These beans are addictively satisfying as a snack straight out of the jar!  Their texture and flavor also make for an exotic addition to everyday recipes:

We love to crumble them on top of salads, add them to stir-fries, mix them into a homemade granola, and blend them into creamy elixir drinks.  It is exciting to imagine all the culinary creations that macambo can inspire!

A small handful of macambo is all you need for a sustained energy boost.  Macambo’s nutritional profile makes for the perfect fuel for hiking, yoga, running, or surfing.

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