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Real Hot Chocolate

A delightful drink that delivers a bold flavor & thickness that only comes from using 100% cacao wafers.

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Our team and extended community are excited to share all the creative ways to cook with superfoods.

The secret to cooking great food is to start with good ingredients!

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Golden Salsa Verde

An easy Golden Berry recipe for fresh, tangy, homemade salsa verde. Just a handful of golden berries can add a delightful sweet-tart flavor to traditional salsa verde. Tomatillos and golden berries are...

Longevity Shot

Macambo and Goji Berries make a unusually sensational elixir — its beautiful golden coloring is equally matched by its rich, festive flavor. This pairing is not only delicious, it offers a fully...

Awaken Cacao Shot

The Awaken Cacao Shot is simply made by mixing our 100% Cacao Wafers with just a hint of sweetener; each sip will make your tastebuds dance and keep you feeling...

Real Hot Cacao

A delightful drink that delivers a bold flavor & thickness that only comes from using 100% Cacao Wafers. Try this as an alternative to your morning coffee or generic ‘hot...


The harmony of yerba maté, cacao, and maca will increase your focus and keep you high-energy the whole day through. HippyZippy™ is a naturally caffeinated drink is a great alternative...

Muscle Berry

A delightful smoothie that will recharge you after a long workout. We feature two of our favorite plant protein sources in this drink: Sacha Inchi & Goji Berries.


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